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Dating Season Doesn't end just because Summer has: Bring on the Fall Dates!

Dating Season Doesn't end just because Summer has: Bring on the Fall Dates!
As much as I love summer dates outside on patios or at the beach, I think it’s safe to assume most of us are ready for the weather to change, the scarves to come out, and for dates to transform into something new. I’ve put together a list for all you daters, both new and... Read more »

Three Dates, One Week

When we sign up for Tinder or Bumble (or one of the other 20 dating apps that exist), we automatically know that we’re signing up for potentially multiple “relationships” that occur simultaneously. This also means we’re aware that the person on the other end of the Bumble conversation may also be seeing multiple other people.... Read more »

Weekend versus Weeknight Dates

I never thought I would be contemplating the significance between weekend versus weeknight dates; and here I am giving it possibly too much thought. That being said, it’s a topic that I think is becoming more and more talked about in general considering the frequency and quantity of dates that we (or all of our friends)... Read more »

A Step by Step Guide to the First Date

I’m going to save you the over analytical component of choosing a first date (because it really shouldn’t be so hard after all) and break down everything that goes into the first date for a girl you only have 1-5 perfectly chosen photos of on Bumble. Texting before the date. Keep it to a minimum.... Read more »

Summer dating is the best kind of dating

If you’ve made it through winter dating with your boyfriend/girlfriend, cheers to you. Winter (in Chicago when we are guaranteed nothing higher than 10 degree days) generally restricts us to indoor activities or creates the all too familiar feeling of, “let’s just stay in tonight.” Which, honestly, is pretty great. Nothing better than knowing you... Read more »