Hi. My name is Nicole Ness. I’m a 26-year-old female living in Chicago. Being that this is a dating blog, it might be relevant to point out that I am currently very happy in my relationship while witnessing friends, strangers, acquaintances, and fellow CTA passengers (and late night bar goers banking on matching with a bumbler before closing time) navigate the dating world in a city that seems to be established on dating and I am also apparently extremely proficient in writing run on sentences.

I have always had a fascination with relationships, connections (or lack of), and dating. What may be called eavesdropping or lurking to some, is merely research and observation to me. And let’s be honest: we’ve all done our fair share of accidentally sitting too close to first time daters just to judge how awkward their conversation is while cringing at their polite attempts at making a funny joke. Since moving to Chicago seven years ago, I’ve seen the dating realm transform and develop into something that I am still trying to understand.

My dating history? I’ve done the bumbling and tindering and hinging (I think that lasted 15 minutes) and what have you. It’s not for me. I love games, but not when it comes to relationships. That being said, I thoroughly enjoy vicariously dating through my friends and watching their fingers move in a methodological fashion as they are able to instantly decide who is worthy of a match. All dating applications aside, it is more than a quick swipe. Like I said, there seems to be a game playing mentality when it comes to dating in not only Chicago, but our generation. And it’s tiring.  Yet, there must be something about it that keeps people in a consistent and persistent cycle of dating.

What can you expect from this blog: honest opinions (not for the easily offended), real input and stories from Chicago daters (myself included), ranging from hilariously awful dating experiences to the rare “success” stories, dating ideas "un-budgeted" and budgeted (no judgments against three different dates a week but your wallet may feel differently), and neighborhood/generational differences when it comes to dating. If I’m not able to get a better hold on the psychology behind dating in Chicago, then at least I’ll have some pretty great stories stories to share.

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