Scent and Attraction: Why it's So Important!

Scent and Attraction: Why it's So Important!


We've all been around THAT Guy: in the elevator, at the club, or jammed up against you on the subway. He's all teeth and truly nuclear cologne, and he thinks he's the Greatest Thing to Ever Happen to Your Life.

Let's get a little scientific here and nerd out a bit. The science of smell, Osmology, has taught us that individuals are attracted to one another sexually through chemical messengers called pheromones. These are arousal-stimulating chemicals that signal sexual desire, readiness, fertility, and even hormone levels. And more recent research is indicating that the natural odor from pheromones can be enhanced using cologne or perfume. And because scent and attraction is SO individualized, this is where it becomes important to dive "nose first" into the conversation with your partner.

Of course, that conversation isn't always so easy to have. 1) We don't necessarily want to offend our partner, and 2) how do we even start it?

Fragrance Expert, CEO and Co-Founder of Scentbird, Mariya Nurislamova, and I have broken down 5 tips to help guide our partners to a cologne that WE want them to smell like.

Be obvious as hell

The reality is: our partner isn't a mind reader. GASP. So, chances are, they don't always know for certain what you like, versus what you don't like. This is where communication comes into a relationship. It's not only our partner's role to listen, but OUR personal role to communicate our needs and wants.

So I'll say it again: be obvious. What may feel like an overkill to you, probably STILL comes off as a subtle nudge to your partner. Try to do more activities that are scent-focused. An easy way to do this? Get outside! Point out scents that catch your attention. Cooking is another great way to do this. I don't know about you, but when I smell some burgers on the grill, I'm all into it. No, we're not telling your dude to smell like charcoal and grilled meat, but what this could be telling us that we're more attracted to a "crisp" smell, like a citrus-centered cologne or even mint. These scents tend to complement the smell of grilling.

Bottom line: be enthusiastic about what you like. Our partners tend to find joy in pleasing us. My guess? They'll want to do more of what excites you.

Take your man scent shopping

Make a date out of going to a department store or a niche boutique. Okay, I know what you're thinking: my man will NOT want to go scent shopping. Truth is, this date can happen naturally! If you're shopping together or near a department store, we can easily bring scent shopping into the day's plan. Start trying on perfumes for yourself and THEN bring him into the mix.

This can actually turn into a romantic and silly date. The more fun it gets? And the more scents you two try? The greater chance he'll be wearing the cologne you chose on the next date. Guaranteed.

Associate a cologne you don't like with something HE doesn't like

If your man has a serious addiction to cheap stink, just associate it with something awful to decrease the chance that he'll wear it again. It's all psychology here. Conditioning, we call it. If we relate a behavior (in this case: wearing a certain cologne) with something aversive (unappealing), then the chances of wearing it again will likely decrease.

“Something smells like a dirty dog right now! No wait, it smells like that laundromat where the bums hang out all night!”

Follow this up with tip #2 for the best effect.

Use hero worship to your advantage

If the love of your life happens to be into a certain celebrity, or is envious/jealous of a good-looking celebrity – just tell him that the cologne you’ve chosen is also worn by [ Insert-His-Man crush-Here. ]

In all seriousness though, it's human nature to imitate those that we either look up to, or find attractive. Not only externally attractive, but also want they exemplify in terms of their confidence. The way we take care of ourselves (scent, included) says more about as a person and the respect we have for ourselves than may first assume.

Wear his new cologne to bed

If your man is still not getting the picture on where you stand with scent – it’s time to Go Big or Go Home.

Wear a splash or two to bed of your choice for his new scent, and this cologne will be imprinted on his brain. If this is the last scent he's smelling before he sleeps, chances are he'll be thinking about it when he wakes up. Not only is he getting the hint that you enjoy the scent, but now he'll also be associating the scent with YOU.

Bonus points for using this tip for switching his colognes up by season.


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