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"The Talk"

“The Talk” I type out those two words and my guess is that the majority of readers are immediately aware of what I’m referring to. Actually, for fun I looked it up on Urban Dictionary. The definition is as follows: (n) a talk in which two people, generally of different sexes, discuss what they are... Read more »

Guest Writer: You've Been Ghosted

Guest writer (and first guest writer) of the week: Julian Beckwith Thank you for sharing your insight, experiences, sarcasm, sense of humor, and reference to French Bulldogs in your post. I, too, love a good French Bulldog.  If you’ve dated for long enough, then you’ve most likely been through that gut-wrenching moment when the person... Read more »

We Found Love in an Online World

In a culture that seems to be established on online dating, the notion of meeting someone in person (gasp) seems foreign. How did previous generations possibly manage without the option of 5+ online dating apps that are accessible at the tips of our fingers (literally)? So I got back on Facebook and asked fellow-bookers to... Read more »

Summer dating is the best kind of dating

If you’ve made it through winter dating with your boyfriend/girlfriend, cheers to you. Winter (in Chicago when we are guaranteed nothing higher than 10 degree days) generally restricts us to indoor activities or creates the all too familiar feeling of, “let’s just stay in tonight.” Which, honestly, is pretty great. Nothing better than knowing you... Read more »

The 2 am Booty Call

The 2 am booty call. I don’t know how to feel about this for a couple reasons. Who decided on 2 am? Why is this a universal thing? By that time, we already lost our chance for late night food. Who wants to fight against college kids at McDonalds for a burger we’ll regret 12... Read more »

"Dating in Chicago" in One-Word

So I asked Facebookers to post one word describing dating in Chicago. The results are pretty hilarious. And by that, I mean exactly what I expected: Online Temporary Fuckboys/Fuckboys named Chad Tinder Bumble Snap Chat UDP (unsolicited dick pics) OK Cupid Big Star Ad Sales Asshats Stage 5 Clingers Liars Cheaters Catfishers Sidechicks Dick pics... Read more »