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Cheese is a Vegetarian's Gateway Drug

I embarked upon vegetarianism in March of this year.  I had read the book “Skinny Bitch” and did not think I could ever eat meat again.  The images conjured up by some of the descriptions, the horrible things meat can do to your body, etc.  These are things that have stayed with me and it’s... Read more »

Vegetarian at Alinea and the Most Amazing Thursday of My Life

Vegetarian at Alinea and the Most Amazing Thursday of My Life
1982 is the year of 30 for my friends and I – I just made the leap in August and this past weekend welcomed my best friend Ashley Lobo into the club. Somehow this lucky gal snagged tickets to dinner at Alinea for Thursday night, and seeing as we’ve been friends for 2/3 of our... Read more »
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    Chicago girl through and through. Grew up swimming in Lake Michigan, listening to the Cubs and/or Frank Sinatra on the radio and eating PB and J covered in sand. Discovered my "French" side a few years back and have been exploring ever since. Aside from my parents, Marie Antoinette is my idol. No, she did not say "let them eat cake" but she was much tougher than most historians give her credit for. If she ever came back as a Chicagoan she'd fit right in, but would probably live in Lincoln Square and not Rogers Park like me. Follow my random-ness on Instagram and Twitter at dans_ma_tete!

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