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Where is Tom Skilling When You Need Him?

I moved to Zurich, Switzerland about two months.  It’s been going well thus far but there are definitely things I miss about Chicago.  Today I had the gross misfortune of witnessing the following: Friday there will be snow in Zurich – snow.  What the hey Mother Nature??  I know my friends and family are saying... Read more »

Why the New El Cars Make Me Think of the Beatles

If you haven’t had a chance to ride one of the new El cars, you’re in for a real treat.  Okay, not really.  I would bet a large sum of money that NO ONE at the Chicago Transit Authority asked just how satisfied customers would be with these “improvements” before spending the millions to implement.... Read more »

No More Lov(ie) - One Wife's Perspective

Let me preface this by saying I had to use my husband as a reference for most of my information. Today the Bear’s announced the dismissal of Lovie Smith, head coach for the past 9 years.  According to the sports news channel we were watching this morning, Lovie had a decent coaching record – 18... Read more »

Vegetarian at Alinea and the Most Amazing Thursday of My Life

Vegetarian at Alinea and the Most Amazing Thursday of My Life
1982 is the year of 30 for my friends and I – I just made the leap in August and this past weekend welcomed my best friend Ashley Lobo into the club. Somehow this lucky gal snagged tickets to dinner at Alinea for Thursday night, and seeing as we’ve been friends for 2/3 of our... Read more »

Turning 30 and Reliving the 80s

Turning 30 and Reliving the 80s
For those of us born between 1980 – 1989, this is the decade of turning 30.  Damn those at the latter end of the 80s, they are still technically able to act like idiots at bars and make poor life choices without harsh judgement.  My friends and I, on the other hand, are joining the... Read more »

Angry at the Rain - A Poem

Today the rain has made me mad, I’m here to tell you why I’m so angry my temples throb, and yet I will still try To share my tale that’s oh so sad it makes you angry too To think I’m drenched while typing this, I will appeal to you It started ’bout a half... Read more »

When Fast Food Goes Wrong

I love Chipotle.  I could eat it every day.  Since I like to consider myself a “modified vegan” (vegan who eats cheese), Chipotle is always a great option for lunch during the work week. I go to the Chipotle on Franklin between Madison and Monroe – lunch time there is a mad house, as it... Read more »

No, super models don't actually eat at Burger King

About 4 months ago I made the very tough decision to give up eating meat and most dairy (I call it modified veganism aka “I want to still enjoy what I eat”).  I’ve been 100% meat and fish free since, and while it’s very easy now, it certainly wasn’t the first two weeks.  But overall,... Read more »

The Red Line Killed Chivalry

I moved to Rogers Park when my husband and I got engaged in 2008.  We are coming up on 4 years since then, which means I have been riding the red line to my job for that same amount of time.  Every day, all the way from the Loop to Loyola – approximately 15 stops.... Read more »

Pardon Me

Raise your hand if you work downtown…yes, my hand is up, hence the pause in typing. At the end of each work day, my walk path home is the minority.  The majority are barreling over, under and through me to get to a Metra station. Depending on my mood, this battle royale that occurs every... Read more »