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Why 'Brave' Does Not Deserve the Oscar for Best Animated Feature

The Oscar nominations came out this week and everyone is abuzz about Lincoln and Les Miserables.  I, however, am focusing my attention on something much more important – the Best Animated Feature category. Everyone loves animated films when they are small, but I never lost my love of them.  I still like to go see... Read more »

Affordable Business Attire for Ladies

I have officially been out of college and part of corporate America for 8 years.  Blech.  I hate how that sounds. Anyway, when I first graduated from school, my go-to stores for professional yet cute business attire were the Limited and Express.  My closet was filled with multi-colored button downs and slightly-flared Editor pants in... Read more »

Taking Advantage of Phil Collins

The other day I woke up with a song stuck in my head – “Easy Lover” by Phil Collins. I don’t know how it got implanted there.  I wasn’t dreaming of semi-bald British men.  But once it was there, I couldn’t get it out until I heard it in it’s entirety….and looked up the lyrics... Read more »

Pursuit of Thankfulness

I was thinking yesterday about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and how many millions of things I am thankful for. I decided I needed to write a blog about it – but then I got an even MORE fabulous idea and decided to RAP about it instead. Did you just read that correctly?, you are wondering... Read more »

Miss the Hawks? How 'bout Ducks?

I love the Chicago Blackhawks.  I love the smell of the ice and sweat coupled with a sea of red and black.  Add a cold brew in my hand and I’m in heaven.  Do I know every player?  No.  Do I know every rule?  No.  But I don’t need to to be a fan. I... Read more »

My "Super" First Mammogram

I am a 30-year-old female, and aside from my asthma, I am healthy.  I go to the dentist 2x a year, the dermatologist 1x a year, the lady doctor 1x a year, and I get a full physical each fall.  I take vitamins every day, I wear SPF, I exercise and recently went vegetarian.  I... Read more »

Cheese is a Vegetarian's Gateway Drug

I embarked upon vegetarianism in March of this year.  I had read the book “Skinny Bitch” and did not think I could ever eat meat again.  The images conjured up by some of the descriptions, the horrible things meat can do to your body, etc.  These are things that have stayed with me and it’s... Read more »

If Politicians Spoke in Rap Lyrics...

The recent debate between Obama and Romney made my Facebook home page BLOW UP.  Friends on both sides were throwing their two cents in about this, that and the other.  Allegedly Romney won but royally pissed off Big Bird and friends. Honestly?  For me personally, I have become extremely jaded.  The 2008 frenzy over Obama... Read more »