Affordable Business Attire for Ladies

I have officially been out of college and part of corporate America for 8 years.  Blech.  I hate how that sounds.

Anyway, when I first graduated from school, my go-to stores for professional yet cute business attire were the Limited and Express.  My closet was filled with multi-colored button downs and slightly-flared Editor pants in grey, black and red (yes, one pair was red).

As the years have passed, my taste has changed and I find myself more drawn nowadays to stores like Anthropologie or Boden.  But let's be honest.  Regardless of what you prefer, dressing for work is often times more expensive than dressing for home, which makes me feel like we are put into a "chicken or the egg" scenario - you work to make money to pay for work clothes.  Either that or I just spend way too much money on clothing.

My sister has done me a huge solid and re-introduced me to Forever 21.  I first grew to love this store right after college - it was a much better Contempo Casuals or 5-7-9.  I haven't stepped foot in one in quite some time and my sister reminded me that they often have reasonably priced clothing that is work-place appropriate.  I did a quick browse of their site and was pleasantly surprised to find multiple blazers and blouses at great prices.  I was able to order 4 blazers for under $125 - including shipping and tax.  What a steal!  They arrived yesterday and are in awesome condition as well - they don't feel cheap like some of their clothing can at times.  The best part is they are professional enough for work, but cute enough to pair with a t-shirt and jeans on the weekend.

I wanted to make sure all my fellow Chicago females knew of this awesome treasure, so check out their blazers here.

I think they run pretty true to size as well.  Mediums fit me great - I am a 34 chest, 5'7, 140 pounds.  Let me know what you think!

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