Taking Advantage of Phil Collins

The other day I woke up with a song stuck in my head - "Easy Lover" by Phil Collins.

I don't know how it got implanted there.  I wasn't dreaming of semi-bald British men.  But once it was there, I couldn't get it out until I heard it in it's entirety....and looked up the lyrics for singing-along purposes as well.

Well, wouldn't you know it, snarky Mr. iTunes wouldn't let me buy THIS ONE Phil Collins song without buying the entire "Phil Collins....Hits" album.  Yes, that is the actual title of the album.

I started scrolling through each of the songs on the album and playing the small snippet of each song.  I felt the need to either seriously rock out or sit and reflect with each one.  In a split second I knew I had to have the whole album, not just "Easy Lover."  What was even better about downloading the entire album was that I was making a hefty journey that same day out to the burbs  - which meant I could listen to the WHOLE ALBUM while in the car!  And you know that's just what I did.

Later that day my parents were coming over and we were going to cook pasta.  I called Tony to let him know I was on my way back from brunch (interrupting "Take Me Home") and he said,

"Since you have the car, can you stop at the grocery store on the way home and pick up some food and drinks for your parents?"

To which I replied, "But we already have enough stuff to cook with and drink.  We don't need anything else - there's nothing else my parents would really want anyway."

"Cor, come on.  That's rude.  We are hosting them, please stop and pick up some other options for them."

"No, we don't need it," I continued to argue.  "I'll see you at home," and I hung up.

I was very frustrated with him for trying to dictate all of this stuff we needed, and trying to tell me my parents wanted more to drink than what we had.  We weren't degenerates, but I wasn't going to buy extra crap for just one meal.  My parents would be fine. What does Tony know, anyway (besides the fact that he knew I was listening to Phil Collins all morning)?

Well at that moment, Phil started serenading me with "Groovy Kind of Love".  I got instantly weepy.

And I called Tony back.

"Tony, because we have a Groovy Kind of Love, I will go get more food and other miscellaneous items for my parents.  I will even go full out grocery shopping because I am an Easy Lover."

Pause.  "Um, what?"

"You know I've been listening to Phil all morning, and while I feel you are taking advantage of my sappiness by guilt tripping me into grocery shopping, etcetera, Against All Odds, I agree with you and I love you so I will do what you ask."

"Cor, are you inserting Phil Collins song titles into your replies because you are obsessing over Phil Collins today?"

"Maybe.  But You Can't Hurry Love and I want One More Night with you, so I will just go to the store."

Pause.  "You're nuts.  No one likes Phil Collins that much.  See you when you get home."

And that's how Tony took advantage of Phil Collins and I ended up buying enough groceries for the next two weeks.  So don't listen to Phil Collins when you are arguing with your husband because you will just give in - that is the moral of this story.

Thanks for reading!

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