No More Lov(ie) - One Wife's Perspective

Let me preface this by saying I had to use my husband as a reference for most of my information.

Today the Bear's announced the dismissal of Lovie Smith, head coach for the past 9 years.  According to the sports news channel we were watching this morning, Lovie had a decent coaching record - 18 wins over 500.  I guess that's good?  I have no idea.

But my husband said you can't start off a season 7 to 1 and then miss the play-offs, lose to the Seattle Seahawks and almost take a bath in Detroit.  That's right, honey, I least I think I do?

Every fall it's the same story as far as I'm concerned - my Sunday's are ruined because my hubby is parked in front of the TV, not just for the Bears, but for almost every other game as well.  He says he is "managing his fantasy team" and needs to see how his other players perform in order to know whether he won that day's game or not.  I'm sorry, but that all sounds like Portuguese to me.

Whether or not Lovie stayed doesn't affect me - my husband will be back on the couch next fall.  In my opinion, the only good that came of all of this is that the Vikings won, meaning no playoffs for the Bears and my Sundays are mine again.  But is that also why Lovie was fired?  Because the Packer's lost on purpose?  Who knows - as is evident, I am not educated enough in football to adequately speculate.

My husband, along with other Bears fans in Chicago, will not mourn the loss of Lovie, but some will.  To those saddened on this day, my condolences.  To all of their loved ones who don't care for football like me, I extend my support even further, for their NYE will probably be ruined by this news.

As for me, like I said, I have no Lov(ie) lost - I just dread next fall when hopes will be heightened by whomever replaces Lovie.  A repeat of 1985 perhaps?  I sure hope not....

PS - I'm sorry to my husband and all Bears fans - please don't be too mad at me for writing this - does it help if I say I'm a Blackhawks fan?

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