Miss the Hawks? How 'bout Ducks?

I love the Chicago Blackhawks.  I love the smell of the ice and sweat coupled with a sea of red and black.  Add a cold brew in my hand and I'm in heaven.  Do I know every player?  No.  Do I know every rule?  No.  But I don't need to to be a fan.

I once asked my dad the ultimate Chicago sports fan question - assume the gods of sport came down and wanted to eliminate all Chicago teams but one, which would you choose?

In my ignorance I had assumed the Bulls - what beats 2 three-peats, Jordan and Pippen, Kukoc and BJ, and Rodman's crazy hair?  But he said Hawks.  It was a tradition for him and his dad to watch the Hawks together, and my grandfather passed away when my dad was just 22, which made that team even more special to him.  That cemented my loyalty to them as well.

And so...what's a gal to do when there is a lockout?  Stalk the Hawks at random Chicago bars?  Trek on up to Canada to watch them at the local park?  Sleep in my Hawks skull cap?

Nope.  In desperate times such as these, I turn to my other favorite hockey team - the Mighty Ducks.  Thank God for Disney and Netflix.  Working on my fix as I type this.  Lockout, please end!  Let's be honest, I can only take so much Emilio.

Quack, quack, quack....

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