Cheese is a Vegetarian's Gateway Drug

I embarked upon vegetarianism in March of this year.  I had read the book "Skinny Bitch" and did not think I could ever eat meat again.  The images conjured up by some of the descriptions, the horrible things meat can do to your body, etc.  These are things that have stayed with me and it's been smooth sailing ever since.

Well, that is until recently.

Originally I went full-on vegan.  I bought the faux cheese and soy meats, got rid of all milk and eggs, threw out my yogurt and ice cream, and gave up real cheese all together.  This lasted about a month.  I lost 10 pounds and never felt better, but I missed my delicious cheese.  Every time I put a vegan item in my mouth, I couldn't help but think, "Gosh, this would taste really awesome with some cheese sprinkled on top."

And so I caved.  I told myself cheese doesn't necessarily KILL the cow (not great for the cow, but still), and I continued on vegan in everything else.

But then, well, there was that blueberry muffin that had butter and milk in it, but I didn't go out and BUY milk, so it was fine.

And of course, the pizza I started eating again with extra cheese and a non-gluten crust....totally fine, right?  No meat on this pizza!

Then the pumkin spice latte returned, and well, I will get it with soy milk but who can resist whip cream?

And, I can get sunny-side up eggs at brunch just this one time, I mean really, these embryos wouldn't have survived anyway.

You get the idea.

I felt like a pot-head who was now using cocaine "recreationally".  What was going on?  How had I strayed so far from the beginning of this journey?

And then, horror of horrors, at my niece and nephew's first birthday party a couple weeks ago....fried chicken....just a teeney smelled so good, I just couldn't....resist.....

BLECH!!!  That is the weirdest tasting texture ever!  Get it away from me, gross!  That tastes like actual flesh, how do people eat this regularly??

Phew.... I guess haven't strayed THAT far.  Recreational drugs (butter, milk, eggs) are okay once in awhile, but I don't even LIKE the taste of the hard stuff (meat) anymore.

And through it all, I still can't give up my gateway drug (cheese) - I mean really, it's practically legal as it is.  Oh well.  Sorry cows.

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