Turning 30 and Reliving the 80s

Turning 30 and Reliving the 80s

For those of us born between 1980 - 1989, this is the decade of turning 30.  Damn those at the latter end of the 80s, they are still technically able to act like idiots at bars and make poor life choices without harsh judgement.  My friends and I, on the other hand, are joining the decade of 30 this year - and my best friend made the most of it last night.

How would one describe the 80s?  Is it more than just Huey Lewis and tight neon leggings?  Of course, but given that I was pretty young at the time, my perspective of the decade is significantly different from my parents.  They cite Ronald Reagan and Michael Douglas and I cite Jem and the Holograms.

Last night I was able to transport myself back to my youth and my version of the 80s at my best friend's 30th birthday party.  80s themed, of course, we were asked to dress up and get down at Beauty Bar, where there would be an 80s DJ.  What a time we had!

I went straight for what I know best of the 80s - Jem - and decided to channel my inner Misfit.  Getting ready, carefully applying my purple eyeshadow and hot pink lipstick, was some of the most fun I'd had in awhile.  The entire time, I had the Jem theme song playing in the background.

The final result?  Well, I didn't look quite as fabulous as Pizzazz but still felt pretty awesome.  One thing is for sure, turning 30 didn't sting as much knowing that I got to be there to witness Jem and her friends firsthand.

Happy birthday Ashley!



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