Angry at the Rain - A Poem

Today the rain has made me mad, I'm here to tell you why

I'm so angry my temples throb, and yet I will still try

To share my tale that's oh so sad it makes you angry too

To think I'm drenched while typing this, I will appeal to you

It started 'bout a half past 2, the sky began to turn

And with this change, the wind came too, and leaves began to churn

I left the office right at 5 to beat the traffic dash

And whisked off to the red line swift, I made it there quite fast

The way there was quite difficult, there was much to avoid

Like idiots with golf umbrellas, their faces so devoid

With no concerns for others, in the face I did get hit

By stupid-ass umbrellas larger than I can admit

Almost there, I thought aloud, but then to my dismay

A clueless tourist standing there, who won't get out the way!

I swerved right than quickly left, and got around him clean

But then stepped in a puddle, right up to my damn knees

I finally made it, train arrived, I got a seat, three cheers!

And then sits down a soaking man, his smell brought me to tears

Not just wet dog, but strong B.O. were coming from this man

I turned and gagged quite silently into my own hand

I ride the train 17 stops, and it was just my luck

That this man also rode 16, inside I screamed "Oh f***!"

Finally I leave the train and take in a deep breath

And cough quite loud because, of course, a smokers on my left

At this point I had had it, I just wanted to be dry

I stormed the entire way home, about ready to cry

And so I made it, safe and sound, but I really can't be blamed

For having such an awful day, the fault goes to the rain!




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