5 Awesome Outdoor Gifts for Dad

Is Dad the rugged outdoors type? Here are some awesome new products that will knock it out of the park for Father’s Day this year. Don’t you want to be the kid that gives him the gift he loves most? Check these out:

1.  Zippo 4-in1 Woodsman Multitool
If Dad is a tool nut, he needs one of these in his arsenal. It’s an axe, pruning/wood saw, hammer and stake puller- all in one awesome tool. Great for deer hunting, camping, or deer processing. Get details at Zippooutdoors.com


2. GSI Gourmet Camp Kitchen
For the Dad that likes to hunt, fish, camp and COOK, this is the ultimate food preparation station. It’s durable, portable, and reliable. Two wash basins have cutting board that lay over the top for food cutting and prep. It’s about the size of a flat suitcase when folded up. Check it out HERE.

3. Deer Dummy rollable meat cutting mat
If DAD hunts and processes his own deer, he will love this. A rollable, durable mat for cutting up venison (and morels, and fish, and everything else). Get more info and order one at DeerDummy.com.








4. Speed Cinch Tie Down Stakes
These make tying down any load (or boat) quick and easy. No joke- Dad will be able to stake down anything in seconds. They have a great line of products- stakes for tents or tarps, and tie-downs to secure ATV’s to a trailer of a boat to a dock. Check out the video and buy them here.



5. Membership to US Concealed Carry Association- I saved this one for last, because this is something for Dad to remember you all year- a subscription to one of the Nation’s most informative gun magazines and a bunch of other great benefits. Subscribe HERE.

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