Product Review- Rollable Meat Cutting Mat by Deer Dummy

Last fall I featured a portable meat cutting mat that rolls up and cleans up easily. The folks from Deer Dummy produced these for deer hunters, with a design depicting step-by-step instructions of the various cuts of meat. Well, it also works great in the spring. I recently used the mat to cut up a pile of morels, as well as filet some fish. The mat works great because it's durable and won't dull your knives. And it's portable — it's washes easily and rolls up so you can take it on your next hunting or camping trip.

The folks from deer dummy are professional meat cutters, so it's safe to say they know their steel. I had a chance to try out their high-carbon, stainless steel knives on our surf and turf. The 6-inch blade is rigid enough for chopping meat and veggies, but flexible enough to filet our fish with ease. With a rosewood handle, the Deer Dummy knives should be in your arsenal of steel.

They have also designed a mat specifically for fish cleaning. And they have a sweet app that demonstrates the proper way to field dress a deer in minutes. Get more information and check out other cool products on their website at

Check out a video of the meat mat in action HERE.


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