Ignorance is never an excuse for hunting violations

I'm not sure how anyone can accidentally slaughter 30 ducks after the waterfowl season, but these guys did it. And thankfully, got busted.

Three men have been arrested in connection with a highly publicized killing of ducks after the season. The March duck poaching incident occurred at Carlyle Lake Wildlife Management Area near Vandalia, Illinois. Steven Dean of Granite City, along with Bradley Peters and Daniel Groves of Wood River, were arrested on April 25.  The three men face felony charges for their alleged involvement in the illegal killing of more than 30 ducks out of season, according to the DNR. Since ducks are migratory waterfowl, they fall under the jurisdiction of both state and federal authorities and violations can be charged as felonies. Charges include: 
• Felony resource theft of migratory waterfowl 
• Unlawful possession of freshly killed species during the closed season 
• Wanton waste of migratory waterfowl 
• Unlawful take over the limit of mallard ducks 
• Unlawful take over the limit of northern pintails

I'm thinking the Judge may throw the book at these guys, and rightfully so. Such a blatant disregard for our natural resources and regulations should carry stiff penalties. Am I the only one tired of "sportsmen" that think the law doesn't apply to them? These are the guys that give us all a bad name.

Real sportsmen follow the laws. They do the right thing when no one is looking. They take pride in harvesting their quarry ethically and legally. The bottom line is that ignorance is never an excuse for breaking game laws. When you buy that hunting license, you need to know the laws before stepping into the field or boat. That's part of the package. It's our obligation as sportsmen. The state publishes a regulation book each year with all the information. My advice — read it cover to cover. Hunting season will be here before you know it.

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