The Deer Debate Rages on but Deer Permit Applications are Due Today

The Deer Debate Rages on but Deer Permit Applications are Due Today

As the great "deer debate" rages on, hunters continue to bicker and speculate about the upcoming changes to the 2014 Illinois firearm deer season. However, those decisions will most likely not be decided and announced by the Illinois DNR until some time this summer. But deer permits are due now — actually by midnight April 30th. The good news is, nothing has changed with the initial permit lottery drawing. Illinois residents can still apply for a specific county for the seven-day firearm season, with an option for an either sex AND antlerless tag. Nothing has changed. So get your application in.

After talking with DNR officials, it sounds like the changes are most likely going to be announced later this summer. The proposed changes are probably going to be the elimination of some late season hunts, as well as the reduction or elimination of over-the-counter sales. This will be done on a county-by-county basis based on various data collected by researchers. For those of you that are disconnected, this is all in an attempt to restore the dwindling Illinois deer here by reducing the number of does that are harvested.

For those of you planning hunt this fall, apply online HERE.

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