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Blind Surfer Derek Rabelo Conquers Waves Fearlessly

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Derek Rabelo’s father prayed that his son would be a professional surfer. But Derek was born blind in 1992, and his father’s dream seemed impossible. Seventeen years later, however, Derek decided that not only did he want to surf — he wanted to surf the legendary waves on the North Shore of Oahu. Derek’s courage... Read more »

My trip to the Illinois District Courthouse

My trip to the Illinois District Courthouse
It’s one thing to watch Legally Blonde and assume it’s a complete guide to the life of a prosecutor inside of a courtroom. It’s a whole other situation entirely when reality hits – i.e., the attorney is a United States Government prosecutor in a pinstripe suit, and the defendant is a convicted felon in an... Read more »

Shuree Music: One G1rl Can Change the World

Shuree Music: One G1rl Can Change the World
Shuree, a Chicago worship leader and Christian pop artist, released a full-length album Friday, called “One G1rl Can Change the World.” It’s an eclectic mix of backbeats and worship – something many Christian artists in the “pop” genre have shied away from. As Grammy-nominated producer “Oh, Hush!,” said in an interview, ‘Christian music is often... Read more »

'Good' Friday : aka, the day that Jesus paid it all

'Good' Friday : aka, the day that Jesus paid it all
So, today is ‘Good’ Friday, the day that Jesus died for our sins on the cross. The Biblical text below tells the story, and this song, “Lead Me to the Cross,” is a beautiful reminder of how we should commemorate Jesus’ sacrifice – to come to the cross with everything, to the one who Paid... Read more »

Amena Brown: spoken word poetry

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Featured at Gungor’s “Ghosts Upon the Earth” tour stop in Wheaton, Ill. last Friday evening, spoken word poet Amena Brown delivers the word of God with fervor and passion. Here’s an inspiring glimpse into her art and craft – learn more about her work on her website.

The miracle of music: music video of the week

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Music is miraculous, and I want to share one song / music video per week that has been especially inspiring to me. This week, it’s MercyMe’s “All of Creation,” off of their 2010 album “The Generous Mr. Lovewell.” This is a live, in-studio version from K-LOVE radio – you can tell they’re a talented band... Read more »
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