Your Guide to Enjoying Today's Sports Filled New Year's Day

Your Guide to Enjoying Today's Sports Filled New Year's Day

It's New Year's Day and for some that means dealing with a scrutinizing headache all day due to last night's previous decisions. For sports enthusiasts, today is our Christmas. It's a day filled with College football and other sports activities. Plus, we may get a chance to see John Fox get fired.  Last year, the NFL played on New Year's Day and ripped the opportunity out of our cold hands of sitting in our sweatpants, eating potato chips, and enjoying a day filled with College football magic.  Not this year NFL, not this year. I love the NFL but not on New Year's Day.

So without further a do, I give you today's sports lineup with an ideal agenda that can make you viewing even more pleasurable. Not sure if pleasurable was the right word. You can enjoy this solo or with the company of friends. However, warn them ahead of time that you will not be shaving and you potentially might have only your underwear on.

10:00AM - Shower and clean off your New Year's Eve stink. If you went out, you may want to stay in there for an additional 10 minutes. You probably were in a large crowd setting that caused you to be close to someone that you probably didn't want to be close too.

10:30AM - Sweatpants, athletic wear, your underwear, naked? Get into something comfy.

10:45AM - Get your snack lineup in order. Here's what I recommend: Chips & Con Queso, Appetizers, Pork Rinds, Doritos, Brownies / Cookies (I have a sweet tooth).

11:00AM - Game #1 Begins! Find your spot. You have a huge day ahead of sports. Lineup below.

11:30AM - Lighter Snacks a flowing (Chips, dips, etc.). Beer, or soda pop in hand. Slap the person next to you if they have an infused water or are eating kale. Tell them that there New Year's resolution of losing weight can begin on 1/2/18 or better yet the following Monday.

**Don't forget to take bathroom breaks. Kudos if you bought adult diapers for today's occasion. Just make sure you change yourself. You don't want to risk of getting an infection.

2:00PM - Bring out the heavier snacks. Wings, mozzarella sticks, etc.

6:00PM - Time to order some pizza. If you have guests you may want to kick them out of the house. You deserve to eat pizza alone. You earned the right.

11:00PM - Go to sleep. It's been a long day and you need to get a good night's rest. You probably have to go back to work in the morning or better yet start the new year off right by calling in sick.

The lineup:

11:00AM - ESPN 2 / Outback Bowl / Michigan versus South Carolina

11:30AM - ESPN / Chick-Fil-Peach Bowl / UCF versus Auburn

12:00PM - ABC / Citrus Bowl presented by Overton's / Notre Dame versus LSU

12:00PM - NBC / Winter Classic / Rangers vs. Sabres / Citi Field

4:00PM - ESPN / Rose Bowl presented by Northwestern Mutual / CFP Semifinal / Georgia versus Oklahoma 

7:00PM - USA Network / WWE New Year's Day Raw

7:45PM - ESPN / Allstate Sugar Bowl / CFP Semifinal / Alabama versus Clemson









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