Suffering from Anxiety, OCD or Depression? Trust me from experience, it does get better.

One year ago from today I had one of the worse anxiety episodes I have ever experienced. Little did I know it would trigger months of horrible panic attacks, nervousness bouts, and complete utter breakdowns. I have always suffered from anxiety, OCD, and depression but nothing ever extreme like this. Let me take a step back for a second. A couple months before after having bouts for years I decided to finally see a therapist and psychiatrist. As I was excited for this journey of better health, little did I know it would make me worse. I won’t go into to details but this particular therapist and psychiatrist were horrendous. They need to have their certificates evoked immediately. I was misdiagnosed with having schizophrenia and was prescribed Latuda. After Latuda finally kicked in I began experiencing severe akathisia. For those that may not know, akathisia is a disorder that basically makes you feel like you constantly have to move. It became so severe that I was unable to work, or even spend genuine time with my family.

After rounds and rounds of questioning what was causing this constant movement it was finally determined that the medication was the culprit. So I was off the medication but I wasn’t winged off normally.  I was told to go off it cold turkey. One of the side effects was extreme anxiety and trust me I felt every bit of it. It would go on to being one of the worse years of my life. I have never felt something like that. Besides the anxiety I had racing thoughts, depression, and OCD time a million.

I am happy that I made it. There has been more ups then downs. I now have a great therapist, and psychiatrist. I feel really good. It’s not all rainbows and lollipops. For instance, after not experiencing panic attacks for three months they have occasionally returned. Matter of fact, I just had one yesterday. I even started new medication. There is so much more of this story but I didn’t want to bore you with a 30 page blog post.

I just wanted to end with that things do eventually get better. Never give up. If you ever need someone to talk to please send me an email at Also, take a listen to my podcast on The Yak Channel. It’s not a full podcast of anxiety, OCD, and depression talk but I do share my story here and there with a funny approach. The one thing I have learned with this whole ordeal is that you need to laugh.

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