Your Guide to Enjoying Today's Sports Filled New Year's Day

It’s New Year’s Day and for some that means dealing with a scrutinizing headache all day due to last night’s previous decisions. For sports enthusiasts, today is our Christmas. It’s a day filled with College football and other sports activities. Plus, we may get a chance to see John Fox get fired.  Last year, the NFL... Read more »

Top 3 Reasons to Attend Naperville's Last Fling this Weekend

The Fling is finally here! Looking for something fun to do this weekend? I suggest checking out one of the best suburban end of Summer festivals out there! Naperville’s Last Fling takes place stars this evening and runs through Labor Day on Monday.  According to their website, the Last Fling offers a wide variety of... Read more »

Suffering from Anxiety, OCD or Depression? Trust me from experience, it does get better.

One year ago from today I had one of the worse anxiety episodes I have ever experienced. Little did I know it would trigger months of horrible panic attacks, nervousness bouts, and complete utter breakdowns. I have always suffered from anxiety, OCD, and depression but nothing ever extreme like this. Let me take a step... Read more »
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Thank You Moms for Putting up with Our Shit

Mom’s literally put up with shit on a daily basis. I still remember the day like it happened yesterday. Okay, it happened a couple weeks back but it still feels like it happened ten seconds ago. I will never forget the text I received. I will never forget it. My wife was out grocery shopping... Read more »