About Me

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My name is Lynn Hudoba, and I am an ungraceful, unhinged, and unwilling draftee into the autism army.

I was born and raised on the South Side; baptized, educated, and married at St. Anthony's Church in the Roseland neighborhood.  After 12 years of Catholic schooling, I went to University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, graduating with a BA in Finance in 1985.  Go ahead, do the math.  I'll wait.

After working downtown for 10 years for such big-shouldered Chicago companies as Inland Steel and Morton Chemical, I realized my dream of living abroad and accepted a job transfer to the Netherlands, where I lived for nearly 5 years.

I met my husband in Amsterdam at a fake American BBQ joint called Red, Hot & Blue, and subsequently relocated to Northern California, where we lived there for 7 years working for hi-tech companies in Silicon Valley.

My daughter, Audrey, was born in California in 2004 and was diagnosed with autism by the time she turned 2.  My hi-tech company was acquired and I requested a severance package around that time...I have stayed home with Audrey ever since.  Audrey's diagnosis and my new joblessness was just the impetus that I needed to find my way back to family and friends in Chicago.

Downers Grove was the last place that I had lived before leaving the country, and it was my first choice to settle back down in when we relocated in 2007.  My life is a little bit different than it was the last time I lived here.  Having a special needs child forces you to see everything through new eyes, and that is what this blog is about.  Over these past few years, I haven't always been able to find humor in this new reality of mine.  There were lots and lots of tears in the beginning, but gradually it became easier to laugh and to appreciate the joy that is Audrey, my beautiful and amazing daughter.

I also blog at www.autismarmymom.com

You can contact me at lynn_hudoba@yahoo.com