Christmas Form Letters That Should Have Been: 2006

Hey-O! 2006 y'all! What a festering pile of months that was, huh? Audrey finally started walking in January. Sure would have been nice if she could have pushed that up a month or six so that I would have had something to brag on in last year's letter!

Everything was cool for a couple of months, and then in March we finally got the official diagnosis that Audrey has autism. But turn that frown upside down! It's really not that bad! She now qualifies for a more intensive therapy program of physical, occupational, speech, and developmental therapy...all for FREE FREE FREE!

Plus we get 24 hours of respite per month, so Steve and I get to have lots of date nights and have seen probably every movie released this year...suck on that! If it wasn't for the generosity of the state of California, we might have missed out on such classics as Phat Girlz...or even Beerfest :P  Man, we will do fucking anything to get out of the house. Oops! I guess most people don't drop the f-bomb in their Christmas letters, but I'm fucked up right now. Sorry, Jesus!

I'm not gonna lie...I hope that your 2006 was as bad as ours. And if it wasn't, keep it to yourself.

She's still cuter than your kid, so go fuck yourself.

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