Christmas Form Letters That Should Have Been: 2005

Christmas Form Letters That Should Have Been: 2005

In 2005, Christmas came shortly on the heels of my grand epiphany that Audrey had autism. In my grieving, I must have been somehow even more determined to put up a face of normalcy, because I had an embarrassment of riches picture-wise.

I was bound and determined to get a picture of her sitting on Santa's lap, and also did a portrait sitting. At that point in her development, she had no concept of anything going on behind her...she only believed what she could see, so the whole Santa picture was actually pretty uneventful. She could have been sitting on the lap of a feral yeti with his hair on fire and had no idea.

The portrait sitting was slightly more humiliating. The pimply-faced teenager that was the "professional" photographer gave me one of these: "What? She can't walk?" followed by "What? She can't even stand?"

What did that man say to mommy to make her cry?
This was actually her Halloween costume...she went as FDR that year.

And here is how my annual Christmas letter should have read:

Happy Holidays everyone! Our little Audrey is now 20 months old and finally crawling "right". And no, she's not walking yet, but thanks SO much to every single one of you that have asked every single time that we've spoken in the last 6 months. You guys are the best!

The pediatrician said that she’s never seen a child with absolutely no physical disability take so long to walk…calling the Guinness Book of World Records! The doctor thinks that she’s definitely behind on her milestones but the good news is that she thinks she'll be caught up by the time she reaches 1st grade...whew! We think that she may have autism :(  but the doctors aren't willing to diagnose her until she's at least two years old.

Some of our auspicious "firsts" this year:

  • First point (at a seagull)
  • First word ("book"...greatest first word ever!)
  • First game of peek-a-boo

These firsts would have been even better if there ever had been a "second" ;P

Oh yeah, and I forgot about her first neurologist appointment...I'm still on the hunt for some "Baby's First MRI" scrapbook paper!

We started physical, occupational, and speech therapy in 2005.  Hopefully these are just temporary to give her a "jump-start". It's not like I'll be shuttling her around to therapy appointments for the rest of my life!

If 2005 is any indication, looks like we are in for quite a roller coaster ride in the New Year!


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    It hurts me that you're recycling blogs now. Although I think what hurts most is that I was just about to go back in time to pull an old blog to post and you beat me to the punch.

    CURSE YOU!!!

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    You don't know that this is recycled! You weren't reading me a year ago! I'm deleting this slanderous comment...

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