If Only The Telephone Book Had Photos...

If Only The Telephone Book Had Photos...

Last year, Audrey's school put together a little yearbook with pictures of all of the students and teachers. Audrey became quite consumed by it and flipped through it constantly. There were only about 25 children in her school, so she quickly memorized everyone's names. She wasn't very familiar with the kids in other classrooms, and probably never knew the last names of her classmates.

Anyway, she got a big kick out of knowing everyone's full names. She's endlessly fascinated that there is this whole other portion of their names that she had never known. So when she saw someone at school, she started addressing them with their names exactly as they appear in the yearbook.

"Hello, Aidan Carlisle."

"Hello, Jill Buckley, Associate Behavior Analyst."

Then she started spelling everyone's names.

"Hello, Aidan. A-I-D-A-N. Carlisle. C-A-R-L-I-S-L-E.

I was particularly proud when she mastered her Indian friend's last name. S-I-T-A-B-K-H-A-N. Too bad we don't know any Samoans.

OK, so this was cute for a while, but now she has become obsessed with it and asks everyone their last names. Yesterday we were at a park and a little girl wandered over towards Audrey. "What is your last name?" is sort of a creepy conversation starter when you don't even know their first name. I intervened and we found out that the girl's name was Abby. But Audrey was hellbent on finding out her last name, so she went to work on the mother.

Audrey: "What is your last name?"

Abby's mother: "Pardon?"

Audrey: "Pardon. P-A-R-D-O-N."


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  • I love this story. For awhile my son's preferred first question for kids he just met was, "How many of your grandparents are alive?" Not exactly an intro other 5-year-olds, or their parents, know how to deal with.

  • In reply to Jimmy Greenfield:

    That's so funny...we have another little friend that likes to ask if your grandparents are alive and, if not, why they died. They are charmers, aren't they?

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    this made me laugh.

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