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I Love The Tiger Mom. I Hate The Tiger Mom.

By now, you’ve probably heard of Amy Chua, the “Tiger Mom”.  She recently released a book about Eastern-style parenting and was featured in a highly-debated article in the Wall Street Journal titled “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior”.   Some of her more inflammatory admissions include how she called one of her daughters “garbage”, threw a homemade card back... Read more »

NO STIMMING ALLOWED (except during the Bears game)

Sometimes it seems as if we are defining Audrey’s obsessions or self-stimulating behaviors as pretty much anything that she enjoys doing.  Which is really unfair.  It’s like if she is super into something or doing anything for longer than 15 minutes, we have to assume it’s an unhealthy obsession and that we should redirect her... Read more »

MyGym Makes My Sphincter Clench

Four years ago at this time, we were living in Northern Cali.  Audrey was going on 3, already diagnosed, and in Early Intervention.  Our beloved EI therapist Kitty suggested that we try one of those kiddie gym places:  My Gym, Little Gym, Gymboree, Uncle Gymmie’s No-Tell Ball Pit Emporium, Concussions R Us, Parachutes ‘N Pus.... Read more »