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Summer 2010 in Review: The Tivoli Bowl

Day 4 of camp included a trip to the Tivoli Bowl for “cosmic” bowling.  The ad above makes it look like some pretty adult entertainment…I’m not sure what they’re going for with that porn/bride of Frankenstein/goth chick on the poster, but it doesn’t exactly scream Little Adventurer Summer Camp. Audrey loved it because it involved... Read more »

Summer 2010 in Review: Tivoli Summer Movies

Day 3 was taken up nearly completely by going to see “How to Train Your Dragon”, which was showing as part of a Wednesday morning summer movie series for the kiddies at the Tivoli.  This beautiful theater opened in 1928 as just the second cinema in the world showing talkies.  I wonder what the sweaty, mosquito-bite-laden campers were... Read more »

Summer 2010 in Review: Summer Camp Bingo

Day 2 of the second week of camp was a vast improvement over Day 1, in that they headed for the great indoors on what was yet another exceedingly hot and sticky day.  Like at the last camp, there were lots and lots of gym games.  Not exactly Audrey’s forte.  They played something called Sharks... Read more »

Summer 2010 in Review: Week 2 of Summer Camp

Top 10 Things Overhead at Audrey’s Summer Camp: 10)  I hope that one of my 700 mosquito bites is from a West Nile carrier so that I can get out of the rest of the week. 9)  Do my parents even care what I’m doing right now? 8)  Is that one of our camp counselors... Read more »

Introducing The Autism Therapy Team: Lauren

I’ll be mentioning Lauren a lot on my blog.  She is a member of Audrey’s home ABA therapy team and has been working with Audrey for over 2 years now.  She has been Audrey’s aid for her ballet lessons and summer camp, and so much more. Here’s everything that you need to know about Lauren: When I... Read more »

Survivor: Downers Grove

A couple of months ago I read on a special needs website ( …great website BTW) that they were soliciting applications for a special needs family to star in their own reality TV show.  The show is meant to raise awareness of special needs children and the challenges that their parents face on a daily basis. The website laid out some... Read more »

Summer Camp Day 4: Grant My Wish

So here is a photo of the much-discussed Grant.  In my opinion, he does not live up to the hype.  I think Lauren was focused on his physique.  Is it possible for a man to be a buttaface?  Lauren insists she just didn’t get a good enough picture of him, and that he looked much... Read more »