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Summer Camp Day 4: The Amazing (-ly Confusing) Race

The camp schedule said the kids would be going on an Amazing Race through downtown Downers Grove.  I didn’t know what that meant exactly, but I know that races and Audrey do not go together.  There was even this disturbing little visual on the calendar…   …implying some kind of relay race.  I figured it would be... Read more »

Summer Camp Day 3: Mr. Jason the Jugular

Lauren’s note on Day 3 of summer camp:  It was Audrey’s lucky day.  A girl comes up to Audrey and tells her that she likes to pirouette or soubresaut, and I don’t know if this is the right word because I didn’t Google it (meaning that she totally Googled it because that is exactly how it is spelled) in order to... Read more »

Summer Camp Day 2: Mini-Golfers Gone Wild

It was only Day 2 and Lauren had already given up on the daily notes.  She was too exhausted from practically having to take it over from the lame counselors who were supposed to be running the show.  Grant and Andrew went from studs to slugs in just 24 hours.  It was mini-golf day and they... Read more »

Downers Grove Park District Summer Camp: Day 1

For the first time, this year we decided to send Audrey to a typical kids summer camp through the Downers Grove Park District (DGPD).  We weren’t interested in spending alot of money on a posh camp with lots of field trips and swag.  The point was to expose her to typical children, so really any camp would... Read more »

Rotary Club Grove Fest: A Carnival of Sorts

We used to have a kick-ass summer carnival in Downers Grove.  It was called Heritage Fest and ran for 27 years.  Until this year, when the city decided that it was too broke to host it.  The Rotary Club stepped in to sponsor a much smaller, scaled-back “Grove Fest” that consisted of a handful of rides... Read more »

Downers Grove Park District Ballet Class

Audrey has taken classes and attended camps through both the Downers Grove Park District (DGPD) and SEASPAR which is the special needs recreation association for our area.  In the name of inclusion, we have lately been trying to sign her up for more “typical” kids activities.  The DGPD provides one-on-one aids for free when you sign up... Read more »

Daily Downers: Not as Depressing as It Sounds!

Welcome to my blog!  I am a 47 year old stay-at-home mother to a beautiful 6 year old girl named Audrey who has autism.  If you want to know more about me, you can click on the “About Me” link.  Go ahead, it’s right up there ^.  I’ll be here when you get back. The... Read more »