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New Nike Golf Ad Puts Tiger To Rest

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First off, if you haven’t seen this ad yet you’re welcome. It’s an early front-runner for my favorite of the year. Absolutely brilliant. When Michael Jordan retired, we didn’t get a commercial of him passing the ball to Kobe Bryant. (Do you really think Jordan would have signed off on him being replaced? Any of... Read more »

Derek Jeter: Nike Says Farewell

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 12 months you know that a) LeBron is back in Cleveland, and b) Derek Jeter is playing his final season with the New York Yankees. On Monday, ahead of his final All Star Game appearance, the Jumpman Brand at Nike released a stunning farewell commercial.... Read more »

Rory McIlroy Joins Nike Golf

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I’ve written about Nike on this blog before, talking about how they were taking over the world with the addition of NFL merchandise to their portfolio. (As an aside, Nike’s stock was at $84.09 per share when I wrote the first article linked above, on Aug. 16, 2011. After a 2-for-1 split in late-December, shares... Read more »

Why The NBA Playoffs Suck

Why The NBA Playoffs Suck
The NBA playoffs are in full swing, if you want to call it that. And haven’t they been great! And no, my cynicism isn’t completely rooted in Derrick Rose being done for the year. Look around the first games of this year’s playoffs. What have we seen? Here are the scores from this weekend. Bulls 103... Read more »

New Nike Commercial: Northside vs. Southside

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NFL-Nike: New Chicago Bears Jerseys, Gear Unveiled

Here it is! The new Chicago Bears look, from the good people at Nike. All 32 teams will be wearing the “Nike Speed Machine” uniform made from state-of-the-art four-way stretch mesh that’s twice as strong as last year’s jerseys. According to Nike, the new jerseys are 30 percent lighter when dry and 50 percent lighter... Read more »

Super Bowl Over, The NIKE-NFL Era Begins

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Football is over. The Giants won the Super Bowl, and there is nothing to be excited about until at least the Draft, if not August when preseason practices start again… right? Well… maybe not. As I wrote about on Aug. 16, 2011, the coming calendar year will be one of change in the NFL, specifically... Read more »

NIKE Is Taking Over the World

NIKE Is Taking Over the World
It’s true. NIKE (NYSE: NKE) is taking over the world. Consider briefly the business NIKE is currently doing. According to a press release from June 28, 2011, seven of the eight major brand sectors listed by NIKE were showing positive growth over the prior fiscal year; only golf was down (four percent) while five categories... Read more »

Michael Jordan - LeBron James Nike Ad

Immediate reaction: Oh snap!  

LeBron's Nike Ad Ripped By Cleveland: EPIC SUCCESS

LeBron's Nike Ad Ripped By Cleveland: EPIC SUCCESS