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2011 Chicago Bears Preview: Offense

2011 Chicago Bears Preview: Offense
When the Bears aren’t cancelling Family Night, or bickering with the Park District about who’s at fault for the turf at Soldier Field being laughably pathetic, they are (hopefully) putting together a game plan to do more than defend their NFC North division championship. And what they have, on paper, is a new-look group of... Read more »

How to Fix the Chicago Bears Part Two: Offense

  The Bears hired Mike Martz to run their offense today, which I think was a solid move for the talent the team has on the field. But there is so much other than the the guy in the press box to fix with this group, the best we can do for Martz right now... Read more »

Mike Martz Hired By Da Bears: What Does This Mean?

  The Chicago Bears have hired Mike Martz to be the Offensive Coordinator in 2010, ending a search that took as many turns as a San Francisco side street. Finally, the Bears have made a decision. But now the question becomes what Martz means for the Bears moving forward. Martz has a pretty impressive resume…... Read more »