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NBA Trade Deadline: 5 Players The Chicago Bulls Should Go After (Other Than Dwight Howard)

Lamar Odom, 32, is a big player who can fill a number of roles and would be great on the Bulls. He's listed at 6'10" and 230 pounds, which is big enough to play power forward, but he can handle the rock and create his own shot. He was traded to Dallas this summer and the move has been a failure by both the Mavs and Odom; he isn't happy, and his minutes are way down after being the NBA 6th Man of the Year. He's capable of putting up 15 points, 8-10 rebounds and 3-5 assists a night off the bench.
The NBA trade deadline is later this week, and teams are looking to find the magic formula to beat the Heat… or the Mavs… or the Bulls. Chicago has some injury concerns and wouldn’t mind adding a veteran to provide some depth as they chase home court advantage throughout the postseason. While most of the... Read more »

Chris Paul Trade: How David Stern Ruined Everything

Chris Paul Trade: How David Stern Ruined Everything
On Thursday, southern California almost imploded. First, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim shut down the media circuit in the free world by signing Albert Pujols to a 10-year, $250M contract (they also signed CJ Wilson to a big deal that day as well). But baseball couldn’t hold all of the headlines. The Los Angeles... Read more »