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2014 NFL Mock Draft: OMAHA Edition

What an incredible weekend of football! Peyton Manning led the Broncos past the New England Patriots with another stunning display, throwing for 400 yards with video game accuracy. He continues to have the greatest single season at the quarterback position in NFL history, and will get one more shot to make this the crowning season... Read more »

Pat Robertson Hopes Peyton Manning Gets Hurt

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Apparently Pat Robertson is not only good at spewing messed up, hysterical sharing political commentary on his various media programs, but now he’s commenting on the world of professional sports. Because there’s no better forum for a televangelist than the world of professional sports… On Thursday’s “700 Club,” Robertson said the following: “Peyton Manning was... Read more »

Tim Tebow Traded to the NY Jets (or Not?)

Tim Tebow Traded to the NY Jets (or Not?)
The headlines were stolen on Wednesday by the NFL essentially destroying the Saints’ season, but the other big news of the day was the Denver Broncos trading “quarterback” Tim Tebow… to the NY Jets. The Jets recently stepped away from the bidding for Peyton Manning and signed their starting quarterback, the moderately-effective-on-occasion Mark Sanchez, to a... Read more »

Tim Tebow Goes To Denver! Let The Fun Begin


News: Mike Nolan Out in Denver, Perfect in Chicago?

  Reports are flying out of Denver Monday evening that Broncos coach Josh McDaniels and defensive coordinator Mike Nolan have decided to part ways. Nolan led a dramatic turnaround in Denver this year, taking over one of the worst defenses in football and making the Broncos competitive. McDaniels, however, has opted to run another productive... Read more »