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Were You Born On February 4?

Denis Savard
Were you born on the Fourth of February? Of course, it isn’t as sexy or prestigious as the Fourth of July, but it’s still an outstanding day to have been born. Here are a few other notable 2/4 babies: Johann Ludwig Bach, German composer Ludwig Prandtl, Germany, physicist (father of aerodynamics) Paul Althaus, German theologist... Read more »

2013 NFL Mock Draft: Super Bowl Edition

2013 NFL Mock Draft: Super Bowl Edition
It’s Super Bowl Sunday! Which means almost all of North America is thinking about football… and millions around the world are watching what has become our country’s weekend obsession on television with us. But for fans in 30 NFL cities, this is a stinging reminder that only two teams get to play for the game’s... Read more »

Saints Win! And Life Continues to Hurt for Cubs Fans

On Sunday evening, the New Orleans Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts in a fantastic Super Bowl worthy of historical recognition. Drew Brees played an exceptional game, out-dueling Peyton Manning and writing his name into the record books of the NFL. But as a Cubs fan, it just doesn’t get much worse… Consider, if you will,... Read more »

Super Bowl Prop Bets: Tab's Picks

  One of the great things about the Super Bowl every year is the wonderful commercials. From talking babies talking about investments to fat guys telling people they’re not “living the High Life,” there have been many years that the commercials save the game. The other great part of the Super Bowl is the prop... Read more »

Kurt Warner Retires... A Hall of Famer?

  On Friday afternoon, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner told the world that his career as an NFL quarterback has come to an end. And, with all due (lack of) respect to Brett Favre, I believe this guy when he says he’s done. But does Warner belong in the Hall of Fame? Let the debate begin!... Read more »

Super Bowl - Saints vs. Colts: Who Ya Got?

  Sunday gave football fans an AFC Championship game that ended as expected, with Peyton Manning and his veteran Indianapolis Colts running away from the New York Jets. Sunday also gave football fans a legendary NFC Championship game, filled with big plays, bad plays, turnovers and eventually tears as the New Orleans Saints eliminated the... Read more »