Hot Take: Remember when the Cavs won the trade deadline?

Hot Take: Remember when the Cavs won the trade deadline?

Let's take a minute to talk about the 2018 NBA Finals, shall we?

If you watch Fs1 and listen to the mind-numbing piles of steaming turd that come from their talking heads, you would believe that Cleveland is dressing LeBron James and a high school JV team from Idaho.

If you watch ESPN, you'll get the same thing. JR Smith is at fault for the loss in Game One, not LeBron... until you see that LeBron didn't know the game situation.

So now can we take a giant step back and remember how this group of misfit toys game to be known as the "worst team LeBron ever dragged to the Finals?"

Those are just a few of the countless breakdowns of the trades. How did Cleveland do?

  • Brian Windhorst of ESPN, who has clung to LeBron's Superman cape as hard as anyone, declared the Cavs' trade with the Lakers a "home run."
  • Stephen A. Smith enjoyed listening to his own voice tell us that the players the Cavs added were "drama free."\
  • And the Washington Post told us that the Cavaliers "won the deadline" and had clearly "emerged as championship contenders" because of their moves.

So almost universally the media loved the deals the Cavs made... yet now they're backpeddling and saying this is a dumpster fire of a roster.

The laughingstock that has become the NBA media circus is as consistent as a morning constitutional after binge drinking and White Castle. We build people up so we can tear them down. And no players have endured more of the blame than LeBron's teammates, from Chris Bosh to Kevin Love with dozens in between.

LeBron has been to eight consecutive NBA Finals and will win three, a sub-.500 record with the money on the table. He's been there with DWade and Kyrie; he's been there with Rodney Hood and JR Smith. He had Isaiah Thomas and DWade in Cleveland but they allegedly had to blow that up to give the Cavs a fighter's chance to win.

At the end of the day, he's had his "superteam" with the Heat and tried to build another one with the Cavs. But he didn't go 4-for-4 with Wade and Bosh in Miami and Kyrie left him with an underwhelming Love in Cleveland.

Here's reality: LeBron is, with Tiger Woods, the greatest post-Jordan media hyped athlete to back up the hype we've seen. Period. He's an incredible talent and physical specimen that would dominate any era he played in. He's a top ten player in the history of the game without question.

But no big time free agent has ever joined a LeBron team (remember: Bosh and LeBron joined Wade's team). Maybe there's something to that....


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