5 Year Rear View Mirror: Looking Back At The Bulls 2010 NBA Draft

5 Year Rear View Mirror: Looking Back At The Bulls 2010 NBA Draft

Every summer, we take some time to look back five years at how Chicago's teams drafted. Traditionally, we've run our rear view mirror series closer together, but this year we're looking ahead at each league's draft with a trip down memory lane.

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The 2015 NBA Draft is June 25, and promises to bring a nice collection of talented players into the Association. That was also the case in 2010, as a class headlined by Kentucky point guard John Wall brought a lot of swagger with them to the annual selection meeting.

Chicago originally owned the 15th overall selection in the 2010 Draft, but the Bulls moved their pick in a trade with their division rivals in Milwaukee in mid-February. In that deal, the Bulls acquired the Bucks' first round pick in 2010 with Hakim Warrick and Joe Alexander in exchange for the guard John Salmons, the Bulls' 2010 first round pick, a second round pick in 2011 and a second round pick in 2012.

When the dust settled at the end of the 2009-10 season, the Bucks ended up with the higher of the first round picks swapped in the deal, but only by two slots; Chicago dropped from the 15th overall selection to 17 in a draft that had some really good players at the top of the board and... not much else to talk about.

At 15, the Milwaukee Bucks drafted center Larry Sanders, who is enormously talented but has left the NBA because of off court issues. In February of this year, Sanders - who walked away from a $30M deal with the Bucks - wrote a powerful piece for The Players Tribune.

With the 17th overall selection, the Chicago Bulls selected power forward Kevin Seraphin from France. Listed at 6-9 and 265 pounds, Seraphin was the only player drafted out of Europe in the first round in 2010.

Seraphin never put on a Bulls jersey, however. During the draft, Chicago dealt Seraphin with guard Kirk Hinrich to the Washington Wizards for Vladimir Veremeenko and a trade exception.

Veremeenko, a second round pick by the Wizards in 2006, never played in the NBA.

Seraphin, now 25 years old, has played 326 regular season games in five seasons with Washington with averages of 6.4 points, 3.7 rebounds and 0.8 blocked shots per game.

Only three players selected after Seraphin have average better than 10 points per game as NBA players: Eric Bledsoe (18th overall), Avery Bradley (19th overall) and Jordan Crawford (27th overall).

Perhaps the most intriguing name the Bulls passed on in 2010 came off the board with the 40th overall selection, when the Indiana Pacers selected Lance Stephenson out of Cincinnati.

Five players selected in the first round in 2010 have yet to play 100 games in the NBA, and only three players from that class have appeared in an NBA All-Star Game (#1 John Wall, #5 DeMarcus Cousins and #10 Paul George).

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