NBA Nickname Jersey Recommendations for the Chicago Bulls

Tonight, the Brooklyn Nets and Miami Heat will wear jerseys with nicknames on them. Why? Because the NBA is desperate for a gimmick, and this is their latest.

The idea sucks, but why not envision what the Chicago Bulls could put on jerseys for some of their players. Here are a few suggestions.



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  • I hope they make one for John Paxson that reads "Meddler" on the back.

  • Not that original,* but probably more can be done if nicknames are in foreign languages,** such as D. Rose having "Dolor de Rodillas." ***
    *On the NBA's part either, going back to "He Hate Me" in the XFL.

    **Why do the Spanish Heritage uniforms have "Los Bulls" instead of "Los Toros?"

    ***Sounds too much like Rodman, who could have "Psycho" or "Dictator Buttkisser."

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