2014 NFL Mock Draft: BCS Championship 3-Round Edition

The 2013 football seasons are quickly coming to a close.

This evening, Auburn and Florida State will battle in the final BCS Championship Game. There will be a lot of future NFL talent on display in the game, especially with the Seminoles.

Meanwhile, the NFL's Wild Card Weekend provided some of the best drama the professional ranks can offer once again. Some glaring weaknesses were made more obvious (the Chiefs' secondary), some questions were raised (cough... Andy Dalton...), and a few players showed some serious "intestinal fortitude" in winning performances (Andrew Luck).

Jay Cutler got paid, which answers one of the big questions heading into the draft as well.

We've also seen a few moves in the coaching ranks:

  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers hired Lovie Smith as their head coach. He brought Jeff Tedford and Leslie Frazier with him.
  • The Houston Texans hired Bill O'Brien, who hasn't made staff decisions yet.
  • The University of Texas hired Charlie Strong, formerly at Louisville, as their new head coach.
  • The Tennessee Titans fired Mike Munchak, who might head to Penn State to replace O'Brien
  • The Lions, Browns, Vikings and Redskins still need a new head coach.

So how do these performances and coaching changes impact the draft?

Let's take a look ahead at the 2014 NFL Draft. This time, we're expanding our projections to include the first three rounds.



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  • Philly picking an OT? Peters is a Pro Bowl LT, Lane Johnson got better as the year went on. No way. Defense is a huge need, ranging from pass rusher and secondary help.

  • In reply to Infante54:

    Yes, the same Philadelphia Eagles that allowed 46 sacks - 8th highest in the NFL - might consider a tackle. Nick Foles was sacked 28 times on 317 pass attempts.

  • Why would any team draft Bridgewater ahead of Winston? I believe the defensive guy who's name escapes me will be the first selection.. I suppose that the Texans might draft the guy from the same school as their new coach, but I think they would be wiser to trade down and hope he is still available He would only be the first selection if Huston doesn't trade down. No other team would be likely to select him as the first QB taken. .

  • In reply to BLOOMIE1937:

    Why would the Texans draft Teddy Bridgewater over Jameis Winston? Winston isn't eligible to come out for 12 more months...

    And the Texans hired a coach from Penn State. There isn't a Penn State player that's worth of the #1 overall pick. Clowney's in intriguing name, especially w/ JJ Watt on the same d-line... but they need a QB.

  • I'm assuming that the FSU QB is not going into the draft, so my previous post is moot. My Bears must draft a defensive lineman in the first round. Their rush defense is non-existent.

  • fb_avatar

    Why would the broncos draft Roberson or what ever his name is when after Dennard Gilbert and verret and purifoy the next best is Colvin and he is better then purifoy by a lot? Just asking?

  • In reply to Braden Ewalt:

    Because most people have the opinion that Roberson is better than Colvin...

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