Derrick Rose: How I Would Break Up The Chicago Bulls

With Derrick Rose out for the rest of the year, and his future now a bold question mark, it's time to break up the Bulls.

Rose met the media on Thursday and discussed his knee, the Bulls and his future. He believes he has a lot left, but maintained that he'll never recruit free agents to join a Bulls team that is still "his."

With that in mind, how should the Bulls look to their own future? Here are a few deals I would investigate if I were sitting in the front office in Chicago.


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  • I'm not going to pay hot stove. However, yesterday's press conference sure indicated that Rose needs a press agent. But since most press agents are scum, maybe we were better off that Rose hesitated about a minute before answering the "should the Bulls move on without you" question, which may be more relevant that trying to pawn the rest of the team.

  • A lot of fantasy thoughts in these trades who in their right mind think the Kings and Knicks would agree to sending Cousins, Thornton and Hardaway to the Bulls? If Kirk is in the trade who plays point for the Bulls the rest of this season?

  • Should we care who plays point guard for the Bulls this season?

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