2014 NFL Mock Draft: Week Nine 2-Round Edition

What on earth are we supposed to make of the last couple weeks of NFL football?

Two coaches are suddenly questionable. Denver's John Fox will reportedly have open-heart surgery soon, and Houston's Gary Kubiak collapsed on the sideline at the end of the first half during Sunday night's game against the Colts. Kubiak was taken to a hospital during halftime. Hopefully both are OK and return to their respective sidelines soon.

Staying in Houston, Case Keenum is apparently the starter for the Texans, and had a marvelous game on Sunday night... in another stunning loss.

The Bucs found a wonderfully entertaining way to lose on Sunday, sprinting to a 24-7 lead at Seattle before imploding. With their record still boasting a doughnut in the win column, they appear destined to battle with cross-state Jacksonville for the top overall pick down to the final week of the season.

In related news, I maintain my position that Jacksonville is worthless and wouldn't be missed if they went away.

The Eagles were "forced" to play Nick Foles against the Raiders, and he responded by throwing more touchdowns (seven) than incompletions (six) in an enormous blowout win.

Cleveland was supposed to be throwing in the towel after the Trent Richardson trade, but they have had two straight strong weeks with Jason Campbell under center. Week Nine saw the Browns beat the defending champion Ravens behind Campbell's three touchdowns.

New England avoided a Red Sox hangover and exploded for 55 points at the expense of the poor Pittsburgh Steelers, who appear to be destined for a pick near the top of the draft. But how low will the Steelers fall/how high will their pick be?

And what to make of the turn of events surrounding the Jets and Bengals? Andy Dalton throws five easy touchdowns against the Jets in Week Eight, and then looks like a pile of hot garbage against the Dolphins on Thursday night. Meanwhile, the Jets followed their disaster against the Bengals with a stunning win over the Saints.

Stars continue dropping to significant injury all over the NFL, so this week we stepped up our game. What follows is a mock draft that looks at the first two rounds of the 2014 Draft.

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