2014 NFL Mock Draft: Week 11 Two-Round Edition

It's been two weeks since our last 2014 Mock Draft, and things have changed some over those 14 days. Tampa Bay has won two games, the Jaguars won once, and the Falcons and Texans have continued to look lost.

Quarterbacks all over the NFL continue to make for a potentially fascinating offseason around the league. Oakland has two youngsters they might be happy about, and the Texans might not have one. Some veterans might be looking for work after the draft, so teams may opt to pass on a deep group at the position and look instead for a veteran to improve their situation.

Other teams might be excited about what appears to be a draft class that appears to be deep at a few positions. There aren't many stand-out running backs, but there's good value on the defensive line, at wide receiver, and at quarterback for teams that need an impact.

With that being said, let's look ahead at the first two rounds of the 2014 NFL Draft.


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