2013 NFL Mock Draft: 3-Round Jersey Edition

In a couple short weeks, the 2013 NFL Draft will take place.

Since the beginning of the 2012 NFL season, we've enjoyed looking ahead to the annual selection meeting with mock drafts. As the regular season and playoffs played out, the draft order shifted on a weekly basis. And as the salary cap has taken it's toll on teams all over the league, trades and free agency have impacted the needs of every team in the league.

For our first mock draft in April, we decided to take a different approach.

This is still a complete mock draft of the first three rounds, but there's a change. In our previous mocks, we've listed the second and third rounds and used pictures of the players in the first round.

Now, we'll honor one of the best parts of the draft itself: the jerseys.

Every year, players that are drafted have the chance to step onto the stage and accept the jersey of their selecting team from either Roger Goodell or another distinguished guest (some Hall of Famers, members of the military, etc.). Putting on the hat and holding up the jersey is always a great moment, so we tried to anticipate what the jerseys might look like when the draft begins.

In the first round, we used the overall number of the selection for the jersey numbers. In the second and third rounds, we used numbers that are typically associated with positions:

Quarterbacks: 16
Running Backs: 34
Receiver: 80
Tight End: 85
Offensive Line: 75
Defensive Tackle: 99
Defensive End: 95
Linebacker: 50
Safety: 24
Cornerback: 21

There are no kickers or punters in the first three rounds of this mock draft.

Enjoy! As always, we look forward to the discussion!


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  • This was clever, as it seems like you used the most famous players at each position for the jersey association. Some of these I got right away, others I'm puzzled. If you had a specific player in mind, you can fill me in

    Quarterbacks: 16 MONTANA
    Running Backs: 34 SWEETNESS
    Receiver: 80 RICE
    Tight End: 85 ???
    Offensive Line: 75 ???
    Defensive Tackle: 99 DANIMAL
    Defensive End: 95 DENT
    Linebacker: 50 SINGLETARY
    Safety: 24 ???
    Cornerback: 21 PRIME TIME

  • fb_avatar

    Checking the Hall of Fame players, Willie Wood, Packers, wore 24 as a safety and returner. Offensive linemen, 75, were Forest Gregg, Packers and Jonathan Ogden, Ravens. The only tight end, 85, of note is Antonio Gates, still playing with the Chargers. (Did Ocho Cinco ever play tight end?)

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