2013 NFL Mock Draft: Division Round, Decision Day Shake-Ups

Looking ahead at the 2013 NFL Draft, this was a fascinating week on many levels.

On a couple college campuses, and decisions by a couple young offensive linemen made significant changes to the players selected in this most recent mock draft.

When Michigan's Taylor Lewan and Texas A&M's Jake Matthews both decided to return for a senior season, two of the top offensive tackles in this year's class were removed from consideration. With so many teams desperately trying to protect their quarterbacks, this will lead to a couple realities:

  • Jake Long is going to get paid, and probably not by Miami
  • Eric Fisher's family is thrilled by the decisions of Lewan and Matthews.

Fisher now stands to jump into the mix to be a potential top-15 pick because the depth at the top of this class was stripped away this week. He's good, but both Lewan and Matthews were good enough to be top ten picks this year.

On the NFL fields, losses by Denver, Green Bay, Houston and Seattle changes the bottom third of the draft order.

With those decisions, and losses, in mind, let's take an updated look at how the first round might play out.



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  • 2013 NFL Draft, this was a fascinating week for the different type of people, and brings lot of changes on many points.

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