Marlins-Blue Jays Trade: WHAT?

Marlins-Blue Jays Trade: WHAT?

The Miami Marlins and Toronto Blue Jays are on the verge of a blockbuster trade that would send shortstop Jose Reyes, utility man Emilio Bonifacio, catcher John Buck and pitchers Josh Johnson and former White Sox ace Mark Buehrle to Toronto for... yeah...

Here's the reaction from the best player on the Marlins' roster, Giancarlo Stanton:

Alright, I'm pissed off!!! Plain & Simple

— Giancarlo Stanton (@Giancarlo818) November 13, 2012

Keep refreshing it... when I posted this, it had been re-tweeted over 7,000 times.

The responses from some of the most respected baseball analysts on the planet have been along these lines:

To Miami's credit, they are getting a couple good prospects: outfielder Jake Marisnick and shortstop Adeiny Hechevarria.

But, if you remember back to earlier this year, Ozzie Guillen got in trouble because of his politics (the whole "Fan of Fidel" stance didn't go over too well).

The player that will theoretically replace Reyes at short in Miami is Yunel Escobar, who has his own political issues (homophobic slurs on his eye black).

Toronto adds a legit leadoff man in Reyes (60 extra base hits and 40 stolen bases last year) to their lineup while a potential top-of-the-rotation starter in Johnson (56-37 in his career) and Buehrle will help bolster their rotation. Maybe the most intriguing player in the deal is Bonifacio, who stole 30 bases last year in spite of only getting on based 95 times (63 hits, 32 walks).

Reminder: the Marlins moved their best player, Hanley Ramirez, to third base from shortstop because of the addition of Reyes, and subsequently traded him to the Dodgers when the move didn't work out well.

Jeffrey Loria is a joke. A laughing stock of an owner that negotiated a publically-funded stadium deal (that, for what it's worth, is still being investigated) with a newly-stocked roster last year, only to trade away the players that were supposed to be the heart of a winning team.

Maybe LeBron can pitch? Good luck, Marlins fans!

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