NHL Preparing For Potential Lockout?

NHL Preparing For Potential Lockout?

On Wednesday morning, the NHL informed the NHLPA that they intend to either terminate or renegotiate the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

According to the CBA, both parties have until 120 days prior to the expiration date of the existing CBA to file a notice of termination. If the 120 day benchmark was reached without either side serving notice, the CBA would have stayed as-is for one more year.

In this case, the expiration date is Sept. 15, and the league has recently taken steps to begin a renegotiation of the Agreement.

This is not a surprise, but more part of the process to starting a discussion around a new CBA. Most expect the two sides to get together after the NHL Draft at the end of June and begin speaking in-depth about a new Agreement.


Reports on Wednesday afternoon are that the NHL has already made a number of significant cancellations, preparing for a potential work stoppage in the fall.

According to TSN, the season-opening games played overseas will not be held for the first time since 2007. The Blackhawks opened their 2009-10 season with games in Helsinki, Finland.

Sportsnet is also reporting that two organizations have confirmed the September Young Stars rookie tournament in Penticton (BC) has been cancelled by the Calgary Flames, Vancouver Canucks, Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets due to “logistical” issues. The Detroit Red Wings will reportedly wait until Sept. 1 to make a decision regarding their rookie tournament, held annually in Traverse City, MI.

The Blackhawks sent prospects to the Maple Leafs’ rookie tournament in Oshawa, Ont., last year. The Leafs hosted the Hawks, Senators and Penguins. No word yet on the future of that tournament has been given.


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