Why The NBA Playoffs Suck

Why The NBA Playoffs Suck

The NBA playoffs are in full swing, if you want to call it that. And haven't they been great!

And no, my cynicism isn't completely rooted in Derrick Rose being done for the year.

Look around the first games of this year's playoffs. What have we seen? Here are the scores from this weekend.

Bulls 103 - 76ers 91
Heat 100 - Knicks 67
Magic 81 - Pacers 77
Thunder 99 - Mavericks 98
Spurs 106 - Jazz 91
Lakers 103 - Nuggets 88
Hawks 83 - Celtics 74
Clippers 99 - Grizzlies 98

There were, the NBA's credit, two epic games. Kevin Durant beat the buzzer for the Thunder, and Sunday's comeback by the Clippers was incredible and historic.

Also historic? Miami doubling New York's score for most of their game.

We saw Rajon Rondo "accidentally" chest bump an official on Sunday after two stud point guards, DRose and the Knicks' Iman Shumpert, blew out their knees on Saturday. Four of the eight games were decided by double-digit margins, and Nike had to issue a statement because the guy who designs LeBron's shoes taunted DRose after he got hurt.

Oh, and speaking of LeBron, have I mentioned that he's a pathetic, flopping excuse for a superstar?

If I might get on my soapbox for a moment...

Derrick Rose struggled to get off the floor on his own feet despite having a torn ACL on Saturday. He didn't want his family, friends and fans to see the reigning Most Valuable Player handicapped by pain.

Meanwhile, in Miami, the self-proclaimed "King James" is taking every opportunity to give himself whiplash to get a call. LeBron James is a 280-pound beast. When he wants to score, it would take SEAL Team 6 to keep him away from the basket. But if someone sets an effective screen, he becomes as fragile as a 130-pound high school freshman. It's pathetic, disgusting and bad for the game.

There's a reason most fans don't respect LeBron. There's a reason Rose is loved in Chicago.

But back to the rest of the NBA being boring...

I'll accept being called a homer because I write mostly about hockey. But there's a reason the NHL had the highest television ratings for the first round of their playoffs ever.

The NHL had three Game Sevens in the first round, and an 8 seed knocked out the team with the NHL's best record in the first round. Two of those Game Sevens went overtime... and by overtime, I mean sudden-death overtime. This isn't a times OT where a team can run away and hide; first team to score skates off a winner.

Speaking of overtime, there have been 17 overtime games already in the NHL playoffs. Almost every series has seen at least one game go to an extra session. Want drama?

The last four Stanley Cup Champions were bounced in the first round (Boston, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Detroit), meaning there will be another new champion this year. There hasn't been a repeat champion in the NHL in 14 years.

Bottom line: the NBA has lost its luster. The league just isn't very balanced, and the ridiculous theatrics from some superstars make the league look worse than the box scores.


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  • I have to agree with you at about 60%. Although I have always thought that the NBA Playoffs are the best playoffs in pro sports. The watering down of talent and the scores and injuries from just GAME 1 is proving that THIS year's playoffs is missing something.

    Plus the condensed schedule after the NBPA agreed to the new CBA put ALL players in jeopardy of severe injury. I blame the lockout for this entire season and the domino effect that happened thereafter.

  • I will also say that the violence in this years NHL Playoffs contributed greatly to the ratings.

    People love blood.

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    NHL aint nothing

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