LOL @ Roberto Luongo

LOL @ Roberto Luongo

Over the past few years, the Vancouver Canucks have done a magnificent job of giving most of the other 29 NHL fanbases a good reason to hate them. From dirty hits and diving to get a call to pulling hair and biting people, their effort on the ice hasn't represented the game of hockey well.

But off the ice is where the Canucks players have really distinguished themselves.

Whether it was one of the Sedins saying the Blackhawks "didn't belong" in the series they almost came back to win last spring to their collective contempt for their opponents, they have been an embarrassment to the league on more than a few occasions.

On one of those occasions last year, during the Stanley Cup Finals, Roberto Luongo was asked to comment about Tim Thomas' play for Boston. He offered this critique:

This led to the now-infamous line about Tim Thomas not needing his "tires pumped" by Luongo, and the Canucks eventually following their rite of annual passage: losing their last game of the year.

But a play Luongo didn't make in last night's loss to the Los Angeles Kings made me think back at Luongo's comments about Thomas. Take a look here:

You have to think that this would have been an easy save "if [Luongo] was playing in the paint." Indeed, if Luongo wasn't "wandering out and playing aggressive like he [did]," the Canucks might not be down 2-0 in their first round series with the Kings headed back to LA.

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