Tim Tebow Traded to the NY Jets (or Not?)

Tim Tebow Traded to the NY Jets (or Not?)

The headlines were stolen on Wednesday by the NFL essentially destroying the Saints' season, but the other big news of the day was the Denver Broncos trading "quarterback" Tim Tebow... to the NY Jets.

The Jets recently stepped away from the bidding for Peyton Manning and signed their starting quarterback, the moderately-effective-on-occasion Mark Sanchez, to a three-year extension.

There was no need for the media to ask Jets players for comment. One of their starting corners, Antonio Cromartie, let his feelings be known about Tebow on Twitter on Tuesday.

I guess Rex Ryan wanted a quarterback who know how to use his feet...

UPDATE: ESPN's Adam Schefter tweeted at 2:13 pm CT that "Denver and Jets have encountered hangup in language in Tim Tebow's contract that could nullify trade." This story is now filed "To Be Continued..."

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