The Hypocrisy of the Vancouver Canucks

The Hypocrisy of the Vancouver Canucks

The Vancouver Canucks want the NHL to throw the book at Duncan Keith for his hit on Daniel Sedin on Wednesday night.

Ironic, isn't it, that an organization that has taken more cheap/dirty hits than any in the league in the last three years suddenly wants the league's police to come to their defense?

For the sake of reminding the hypocrits like Alain Vigneault about the Canucks history, let's take a look back at some of the hits their coach described as "hockey plays."

Remind me: how many games was Raffi Torres suspended for this hit on Brent Seabrook?

I'm sure Nathan Horton's opinion of the Canucks "clean" play isn't shared by many in a Vancouver sweater.

Did I mention the Canucks have been known to use their teeth as much as their elbows?

Alex Burrows bites... and also pulls hair!

The culture in Vancouver is one that encourages cheap shots, late hits and dirty play. Indeed, despite trying as hard as they could to bully their way to a championship last year, the Bruins pushed them around the rink and knocked them out. That's why the Canucks traded Cody Hogdson for Zack Kassian at the deadline; they wanted to be more physical.

It's nothing new that a game between Chicago and Vancouver got physical in a hurry, but this time the injury happened to a Canucks player.

As my grandmother always said, you reap what you sow. And having the best player on the Canucks roster suffer a concussion with only a couple weeks left in the season is nothing more than karma coming full circle.


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  • Whatever, but it is up to the Commissioner to determine (even if the Grobber calls the Commissioner Beavis Bettman). I don't know if Daniel Sedin got a sufficient concussion to put him out for a while, but the Hawks sure weren't complaining when Alex Ovechkin was suspended for boarding Campbell and breaking his collarbone, except that it wasn't long enough. Based on Google, Alex got suspended again recently.

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