Pat Robertson Hopes Peyton Manning Gets Hurt

Apparently Pat Robertson is not only good at spewing messed up, hysterical sharing political commentary on his various media programs, but now he's commenting on the world of professional sports. Because there's no better forum for a televangelist than the world of professional sports...

On Thursday's "700 Club," Robertson said the following:

"Peyton Manning was a tremendous MVP quarterback. But he's been injured, if that injury comes back, Denver will find itself without a quarterback. And in my opinion, it would serve them right."

I guess we all missed the part in Old Testament where the Ten Commandments were actually Eleven, but the tablets were dropped and "Thou Shalt Not Dis Tim Tebow" cracked off the bottom.

Let's all sit by and patiently wait for Robertson to start a door-to-door, nationwide petition to pressure the NFL to change the name of the New Orleans Saints because of the bounty scandal. Perhaps "Crusaders" would be more appropriate?

By this logic, lightning striking wherever Robertson is standing twice would serve him right. But let's not get theological...

Somewhere, God is shaking his head.

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